Templatic.com – Website Attacked

Templatic’s templatic.com, a popular premium WordPress theme provider’s website is hacked or is under attack.

When we tried to access the theme gallery we were forced to see a page displaying content with title “Recreational Viagra use”. The page is hosted under URL http://templatic.com/wordpress-themes-store/ The index page of templatic.com appears to be intact however the wordpress theme gallery is under attack and displaying viagra advertisement.

The screen grab below displays the security breach that tempatic is facing. Click on image for full picture.

Templatic.com is under attack and is showing Viagra ads


hacked templatic.com

It is extremely important to understand security of your WordPresss website as one such attack might bring you to place where you started from. We hope that templatic recovers and restores it’s website back online as soon as they can.

Templatic must explain if their themes are secure or they are also vunerable to such attacks as many users are using Premium WordPress Themes provided by templatic. We have reached tempatic with this concern and is awaiting their reply over email.  An update from templatic:

Hi everyone

Just wanted to reassure all Templatic users that their user information is not compromised. The same is true for our themes. Moreover, since themes are purchased through a gateway (2CO) there is of course no threat of any credit card information being in jeopardy.

We are working closely with securi.net on fixing these issues and are confidant that everything should be fixed tomorrow at the latest.

At the moment this malware problem isn’t affecting the actual site functionality so you can still use all of our resources and even purchase themes. That said, we apologize in case any of of experienced difficulties using the site. We’re trying to fix this once an for all.

Have a great weekend!
Vedran from Templatic

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